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Offering the Widest Range of Hydroacoustic Solutions

BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for monitoring and assessing aquatic biological and physical resources. No other producer of scientific echosounders provides the same scope and variety of hydroacoustic products, services and support.

Our engineering and production teams design and manufacture standard or customized complete hydroacoustic hardware and software systems.

For clients interested in contracting for hydroacoustic services, our scientific team provides technical consulting services from hydroacoustic study design, equipment installation and operation, data processing, analysis, and reporting, through presentation of results.

Our scientific team also provides in-depth training for clients who choose to conduct studies on their own. We offer classroom or one-on-one training of hydroacoustic theory, deployment and operation training, as well comprehensive instruction in data collection, analysis and processing techniques.

Our technical support team is friendly and approachable, providing top-notch customer service on everything from operating your hydroacoustic gear for the very first time, to in-depth hardware and software troubleshooting, support and guidance.

Our service team provides expert warranty service and repairs, as well as calibration services for your BioSonics hydroacoustic equipment.

We are committed to your success as you explore the world of hydroacoustics.

Our History – Pioneering the Application of Hydroacoustic Technology

Bill Acker, founder of BioSonics BioSonics, Inc. began in Seattle, Washington in 1978. Founded by Bill Acker, a former Professor of Engineering and Senior Scientist at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory, BioSonics pioneered the application of hydroacoustic technology to monitor aquatic resources. In the early years, the primary focus was building equipment for the scientific community to assess and monitor salmon in oceans, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the Pacific Northwest. While we continue to provide solutions for fisheries research in our region, today we offer hydroacoustic solutions for monitoring biological and physical features in virtually any aquatic environment worldwide.

Our Philosophy - Innovation and Environmental Concern

At BioSonics, we value building relationships and staying connected with our clients, as this drives our motivation to provide innovative technologies. We believe that great ideas come from listening to our clients’ points of view . . . and great projects come from understanding those viewpoints and applying our technology in an environmentally responsible and effective manner. From the beginning, innovation at BioSonics has been guided by the principles of scientific openness and concern for the environment.

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