Applications Overview

BioSonics Aquatic Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Solutions

BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for resource managers, researchers, regulatory agencies and private industry users worldwide. Our Scientific Echosounders, analytic software and accessories are field-proven, versatile, and optimized for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation.

Applications Overview
  • Fisheries Stock Assessment

    Determine fish location, distribution, quantity, size, behavior, and biomass. Advanced analysis provides details on individual fish behavior and movement. Detailed bathymetric data can be read directly into your GIS application for further analysis and mapping, combination with other variables, and reporting.
  • Submersed Aquatic Vegetation - SAV

    Detect and measure SAV density, canopy height and geographic distribution. Data can be read into your GIS or other application for further analysis or mapping. The system is effective in both freshwater and marine environments on a number of physiologically diverse submersed aquatic plant types. It operates in littoral areas from the shallows through the entire extent of the photic zone.
  • Substrate Classification

    Classify bottom substrates such as rock, sand, or mud. Data can be easily uploaded into your GIS or other application for further analysis or mapping. Used in both freshwater and marine environments over a wide range of bottom types.

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