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April 2014

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April 07, 2014


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Welcome to the Spring 2014 Issue of Soundings

April 07, 2014

Welcome to Soundings, the BioSonics newsletter! 2014 will be another exciting year for BioSonics. First of all, we are proud to announce a new sales relationship with Subsea 20/20, led by Eric Munday, previously our Director of Sales and Marketing. We are also celebrating the release of several new products, including VisAcq AutoTrack Software and Visual Habitat Software for the DT-X Series Echosounder. The very popular MX Series Aquatic Habitat Assessment Echosounder continues to be the system of choice for aquatic vegetation and bottom classification applications and we expect another record year of MX system sales. BioSonics will continue with a variety of product development activities involving the renowned DT-X Scientific Split Beam Echosounder in the fields of aquaculture, and marine fisheries assessment using a variety of unmanned autonomous vehicles. We will report more on these new products as development continues. Please take a moment and read the following articles and be sure and take advantage of our Free Trial software offers if you havent already!

Tim Acker, President and CEO
BioSonics, Inc.

BioSonics Partners with SUBSEA 20/20 for Worldwide Sales Efforts

April 07, 2014

BioSonics announced the appointment of SUBSEA 20/20, Inc. as their exclusive worldwide sales and marketing agency. SUBSEA 20/20 was recently founded by Eric Munday, former BioSonics Director of Sales and Marketing. BioSonics echosounders are the cornerstone in the equipment catalog for SUBSEA 20/20, which will also represent select manufacturers of related and complimentary underwater monitoring equipment. As explained by Tim Acker, BioSonics President and CEO, SUBSEA 20/20 will leverage new sales channels and opportunities to further grow BioSonics sales worldwide. Eric has been vital in expanding BioSonics global sales network during his tenure with us and we are pleased to continue working closely together.

Equipment integration will be a primary area of focus for BioSonics and SUBSEA 20/20. Observatory systems consisting of an array of integrated data collection sensors is a growing trend among oceanographic and fisheries scientists. And, as evidenced by observatories currently deployed and planned worldwide, split beam scientific sonar is a key component of many seafloor and buoy-mounted observatories. Deploying these types of observatory systems requires the integration of ancillary devices for communication and additional data collection, but this integration effort frequently falls on the client. SUBSEA 20/20 provides value by serving as a complete, integrated solution provider, stated Munday.

Drone for Habitat Surveys Now Available

April 07, 2014

BioSonics and The Oceanscience Group announced the release of a portable remotely-operated habitat-mapping survey boat, the Z-Boat 1800MX. A combination of Oceanscience's proven remote hydrographic survey boat and BioSonics' industry-leading MX echosounder, the Z-Boat 1800MX allows researchers to obtain quantitative measurements of aquatic vegetation and substrate distribution without the expense and effort of launching a manned boat.

With the Z-Boat's position displayed on navigation software on the shore acquisition computer in real time, guiding the boat along planned survey lines is aided by on-board GPS. Simultaneously, BioSonics Visual Acquisition 6 software provides the operator with instant bathymetry and vegetation data courtesy of a high definition full water column echogram. With real-time control of all echosounder settings through the Ethernet network radio connection, data quality is not compromised with the switch to the remote platform.

Building on the successful integration of their DT-X fisheries echosounder on the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider in 2013, BioSonics recognize the advantages and importance of utilizing unconventional platforms to deploy environmental monitoring equipment. "These remote platforms can provide our customers habitat data where previously it was costly or impossible to collect", according to BioSonics spokesman Eric Munday of SUBSEA 20/20. "For hard-to-access shallow water surveys, the MX echosounder may be installed on the Z-Boat in just a few minutes, and then easily removed for use on a manned boat as required, so this is another tool to maximize the value of our instruments to our customers.

Eric contacted Oceanscience with the idea for a remotely-operated platform for the MX echosounder. Adrian McDonald of Oceanscience was immediately enthusiastic about the potential of the combination "Generally, we are looking for survey applications that are made challenging by accessibility restrictions. With many habitat surveys conducted in tidally influenced shallow water, having a very low draft boat that can be launched practically anywhere seems to be a valuable proposition." The timing was perfect for the collaboration, "We had just completed a new long range telemetry module designed for instruments just like the MX, and this new radio turned out to be ideal for the MX sonar". For BioSonics the integration was simple, "We were expecting to have to repackage the sonar for the Z-Boat but as it turned out the existing case fits in the boat's instrument compartment. So we did not have to change anything at all!"

With the MX integration complete, the two companies look forward to field demonstrations of the system in action, as well as more remote instrument projects.

New UK Partner Announced at OI 2014

April 07, 2014

BioSonics recently appointed Swathe Services as our newest authorized sales agents for the UK. Swathe Services were chosen to represent BioSonics products in the UK based on their excellent marketing and sales platform and expertise in sonar and related hydrographic projects. We are thrilled to add Swathe Services to our global sales network and see them as an ideal partner.

James Williams, Managing Director of the Swathe Services Group said: We are very excited about diversifying into the biological side of hydroacoustic solutions and believe that many of our existing client base will be interested in the first rate products that BioSonics provide.

The partnership was formalized on March 11th at the Oceanology International Exhibition in London which provided an opportunity for training and an introductory meeting of both teams.

Cadden to Launch BioSonics European Service Facility in France

April 07, 2014

BioSonics and CADDEN, specializing in geo-positioning and oceanography, have signed an agreement that allows for support and service provided from CADDENs headquarters in Nantes, France. CADDEN personnel recently completed a factory training program at BioSonics facilities in Seattle and are now authorized for BioSonics echosounder inspection, maintenance, and field calibration. This agreement will help to better serve BioSonics customers in Europe by providing closer proximity to technical support staff in local time zones.

BioSonics President, Tim Acker, stated, CADDEN has developed several projects leading to the implementation of fixed-position automated monitoring systems in France. These more sophisticated systems benefit from local technical support and access to spare parts, which CADDEN can now offer. This partnership is key for the expansion of BioSonics in Europe.

BioSonics clients in Europe can now utilize the expertise of CADDEN's staff for equipment troubleshooting and technical support. Stated CADDEN owner Gilles Dandec, "The marine geosciences industry is key to CADDEN's activities. The agreement with BioSonics reinforces our strategic focus to provide marine professionals with a complete range of products and services. It also underlines the confidence BioSonics places in CADDEN's skills, and we are proud to stand today as their European technical platform."

New Product Announcement: VisAcq AutoTrack

April 07, 2014

Free 30-Day Trial
Attention All DT-X Users Try VisAcq AutoTrack on your next survey!

Since its release last fall, the response to VisAcq AutoTrack has been overwhelmingly positive. Now, just in time for field season, you can try this amazing post-processing software free for 30-days! VisAcq AutoTrack works within Visual Acquisition as a real-time processing tool that automatically builds and records fish track lists. So, at the conclusion of a mobile survey, data processing is essentially completed and you can simply open a CSV file to access usable information with no further data processing required. Automatically generated track lists include:

  • Fish density and distribution by depth strata or distance
  • Sizing distribution
  • Total counts of detected fish

VisAcq AutoTrack is compatible with any data files collected using a DT-X echosounder. You can use the reprocessing utilities to create track lists from previously collected files. VisAcq AutoTrack offers a dramatic reduction in time and effort spent for users requiring basic fisheries information. Now you can try VisAcq AutoTrack for 30-days FREE and use it to process your archived DT4 files. Just call 206 782 2211 or email us for your license key.

Russian Researcher Studies Kokanee with DT-X (See video)

April 07, 2014

Maxim Max Koval of Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography owns a multi-frequency DT-X system and has been busy studying a variety of fish in Eastern Russia. In this video clip you can watch Max conduct experiments using hydroacoustics and video to observe kokanee salmon around Tolmacheva hydroelectric power station in the central part of South Kamchatka.

BioSonics Bulletin Board

April 07, 2014

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Recent Publications by BioSonics Users

April 07, 2014

Hi-tech fixes for climate change, fish tracking

Interpretation of Single-Beam Acoustic Backscatter Using Lidar-Derived Topographic Complexity and Benthic Habitat Classifications in a Coral Reef Environment

Detecting end-member structural and biological elements of a coral reef using a single-beam acoustic ground discrimination system

Estimates of acoustic target strength for giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomuraiKishinouye in the coastal Northwest Pacific

Quantifying quagga mussel veliger abundance and distribution in Copper Basin Reservoir (California) using acoustic backscatter

Methane production and ebullition in a shallow, artificially aerated, eutrophic temperate lake (Lake Elsinore, CA)

Calendar of Events

April 07, 2014

Join us at AFS Western Division in Mazatlán

BioSonics will showcase the latest in hydroacoustic technology at the upcoming AFS Western Division Chapter Meeting at the El Cid Convention Center in Mazatlán, Mexico April 7-10. We hope to see you there!

You are invited to a webinar

April 07, 2014

You're Invited! An Informative Webinar Titled:

Intro to Visual Habitat  Aquatic Habitat Assessment and Mapping System

Who: Anyone interest in aquatic habitat assessment and mapping

What: A 45-minute session demonstrating the features of Visual Habitat software with step-by-step instructions for processing hydroacoustic data collected with a BioSonics DTX or MX Echosounder. See how quick and easy it is to generate maps with data layers that include; bathymetry, plant height, plant % coverage, and substrate type. Learn how to export KML files in just minutes and view results with Google Earth. Please join us and see for yourself&Visual Habitat is USER-FRIENDLY and EASY TO LEARN!

Why: The information is invaluable, attendance is free, and you can attend in the comfort of your own office!

When: April 21st

Where: Your desk

How: Reply via email to receive your meeting invitation and access code. Please note that attendance is limited and will be available on first come basis. RSVP now to confirm your seat.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing information about this exciting new system for the assessment and mapping of SAV, bathymetry, and substrate classification. We hope you can join us on April 21st.

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