what is hydroacoustics?

Hydroacoustics is a general term for the study and application of sound in water. Hydroacoustics, utilizing SONAR technology, is most commonly used for detection, assessment, and monitoring of underwater physical and biological objects.

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case studies & applications

Our Case Studies & Applications showcase real-world projects and studies featuring hydroacoustic monitoring techniques employed by scientists and resource professionals around the world. We’ve organized this ever growing collection of studies into an easy to use matrix by aquatic environment - Lakes, Rivers, and Marine - and by object of study – Fish/Plankton, Vegetation, Bottom Classification, Bathymetry, Hydrokinetic Environmental Monitoring, and Other Applications. We’re interested in learning about your work - contact us if you would like to share your hydroacoustic assessment experience.

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document library

Our Document Library contains reports, articles, abstracts, and papers on a wide variety of hydroacoustic assessment topics, and is a valuable source of information for students, researchers, and those interested in reviewing literature in the field of hydroacoustics.

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glossary of terms

Our Glossary of Terms provides brief definitions of the words, concepts, abbreviations and symbols commonly used in the field of hydroacoustics. You can scroll through the list, or click on the first letter of the word to jump to a specific definition.

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Our Document Library is a great source of information on a wide range of hydroacoustic assessment topics.
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Our Hydroacoustic Assessment Workshops provide training in the latest techniques for hydroacoustic data collection and processing.
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